Maple Tree Day School

Learning through play everyday!

Maple Tree Programming:

Toddler 1: 16-23 months  

Ratios; 1 teacher per 5 Toddlers 

Group Size-5  

Toddler 2: 24-32 months 

Ratios; 1 Teacher per 5 Toddlers 

Group Size 10    

P1: 2.9-3.11 years 

Ratios; 1 Teacher per 8 Preschoolers 

Group Size-16  

PK: 4/5 year olds 

Ratios; 1 Teacher per 10

Group Size 20

Individual Programs:

Toddler Program:

Toddler Rooms  1 and 2 are provided with consistent routines which provide our youngest pupils with a sense of security and direction at a basic level. When these needs are met teachers are able to introduce new and exciting hands on learning activities that foster all areas of development from cognitive skills, sensory exploration and social/emotional peer relationships, and basic self help skills. Our Top Notch theme based curriculum is Teacher Developed and Director approved. ALL learning is cleverly disguised as play.

Weekly Specialists Visits:

• Stretch n Grow   

• Growing with Music

Pre 1 Program:

Our 3 year old classroom is designed to expand upon the foundation set up in our Toddler program and/or for children 1st navigating a preschool experience. It seeks to embrace the active, inquisitive three year old with fun stimulating activities that foster cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development. Literacy, math, science and motor skills are all encompassed in our theme based curriculum. Children learn through play and Teachers facilitate structured and non structured activities and provide assessments for the individual child. The busy three year old personality is nurtured and challenged through play based learning.

Weekly Specialist Visits:   

• Stretch n Grow   

• Growing with Music   

• Library Amy

Pre K Premiere Program:

Maple Tree offers an extremely polished Pre K Program that fulfills all areas of development and seeks to provide a stellar learning experience in a smaller setting. Before heading off to Grade School where large class sizes are the norm, ensure your child gets the individual attention they need and deserve in our thriving program. Space is limited so inquire early!  

Language and Literacy: Children learn letter-sound relationships in a literacy rich, learning environment.  Learning the Alphabet along with phonemic and print awareness are the three predictors that give preschoolers a foundation for learning to read.  

Mathematics: Children become familiar with numbers and counting while concepts of patterning, graphing, sorting are introduced. Our Teachers embrace a STEM based approach to education which also flows nicely into our Science curriculum.  

Science/Discovery: Children learn inquiry through cause and effect. Experimentation allows students to use critical thinking skills allowing us to understand a bigger world around us.

Weekly Specialist Visits: 

• Stretch n Grow 

• Growing with Music 

• Library Amy  

**Teachers gather evidence through daily assessments and conferences are given twice a year to discuss your child’s development with the goal of being Kindergarten Ready.  

Maple Tree Pre K graduates are more then prepared to meet the Full Day Kindergarten standard within the district.  Maple Tree students exude confidence and enthusiasm upon entering Kindergarten. This stands as a testament to the quality and dedication only a small private preschool such as Maple Tree Day School can provide.


Maple Tree Environments exude inspiration. Our classrooms are designed to meet our Little Learners needs individually and socially and are always age appropriate.  Our shelf materials are switched out monthly as children’s interests change and classes evolve. We have high standards and insist on quality shelf work that is age appropriate and geared towards the developing the child. We seek to provide spaces for group activities and conscientiously provide smaller intimate spaces for smaller groups and/or individual play. Classrooms are always happy, engaging, and purposeful.

Maple Tree Day School CAN and DOES Embrace

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Field Trips for P1 and PK classes

Lifetouch Pictures

Fall Carnival

Halloween Parties

Healthy Birthday Snacks

Show N Tell

Twice yearly Conferences

Walks to the Park

Parachute Play

Building Snow Forts

Pajama Days

We believe in Santa Claus

Holiday Charity

Children’s Christmas Concert

Helping our Neighbors

Valentines Parties

Sweetheart Dance

Catching Leprechauns

Easter Egg Hunts

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Planting Flowers

Raising Caterpillars to Butterflies

Going on Bear Hunts


Pre K Commencement in Caps N Gowns

Muffins With Mom

Donuts With Dad

Walks to DQ

Family Picnics

What do You Celebrate? 

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