Maple Tree Day School

Learning through play everyday!



Maple Tree Day School is a small private Preschool and Daycare that serves children 16 months to Kindergarten. We provide families with a child’s initial experience in a structured program beginning with the early years in our Toddler Program to a more formal yet traditional Preschool Program in our Pre 1 and Pre K Classrooms.

Mission Statement


Maple Tree Day School seeks to develop the whole child by cultivating creative minds, independent thinkers, strong bodies and emotional connections. When children are provided with a safe, stable, supportive environment children naturally develop a curiosity about the world around them.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe in children’s connections with teachers, and teachers connections with parents. It is because we choose to be small that we feel we accomplish this with EVERY family.
  • We believe in meeting the needs of working parents. Our full days encompass a Top Notch Preschool  Program with unparalleled, play based curriculum, while still ensuring quality care.  
  • We respect and embrace diversity and inclusion. 
  • We cherish the individuality of each child. We recognize children are life long learners and find inspiration in fostering critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. 
  • We encourage children to be healthy risk takers, viewing mistakes as an opportunity for growth. Only through trial and error do children develop diligence and pride in accomplishment, which is invaluable in developing confident problem solvers. 
  • We believe that children learn best when they are active participants and allowed to develop problem solving skills in a structured, safe environment.
  • Most importantly, we believe Maple Tree be a Safe Place to Fall. A parents peace of mind that their child be loved, guided and inspired is truly what we aim to achieve.