Maple Tree Day School

Learning through play everyday!

About Us

Maple Tree Day School is open 7:00-5:30 Monday through Friday. Maple Tree Day School is a daycare and preschool that meets the needs of working families. We loosely follow the district calendar but we are open YEAR ROUND! Our Learning program continues on into Summer. We understand that parents need a consistent program that engages in active, fun activities all year round. Our families relish in knowing they don’t need to search for the Summer sitter or a mixed bag of Camps because Maple Tree has made it THAT easy for you.

Directors Notes:


I’m so proud of  My ‘Maple Tree’. We are just like that Little Engine that could. I started this ambitious venture 7 years ago and I am continually amazed at what a little ingenuity and a whole lotta heart can accomplish. Maple Tree Day School is a thriving, vibrant school. I love that District Educators seek us out for their own children. 25 % of our clientele are Teachers themselves!! I tell myself on those days when the play dough gets all mixed up and listening ears are turned off that if these Educators who I love and admire so much are consistently bringing their kids to us…well on those days I take a deep a breath and say…We must be doing something right!!!     

Julia Hagen, Proud Owner and Director Maple Tree Day School