Maple Tree Day School teachers draw on the best, research supported, methods from the full spectrum of leaders in the child development community. These leaders include Erickson, Gardner ( Multiple Intelligences ), Montessori, Rogers, Steiner ( Waldorf ), and Reggio Emilia. Maple Tree Day School teachers weave together a wide range of approaches that meet the needs of diverse learners.

In English this means, we believe hands on learning is most successful for the preschool age group. We also believe that they have the ability to soak up what is all around them. For this reason, Maple Tree Day School uses a thematic based curriculum that incorporates the following areas of learning within each weekly theme:

Our daily activities involve a variety of large group, small group and individual activities. We also incorporate activities that are child led, child taught and teacher directed. We feel that taking this diverse approach to learning gives the children a curriculum that meets the needs of all children regardless of their learning styles. We also believe that by giving them a full day program, they are allowed to explore these areas on their own timetable, yet still allowing time for individual or small group direction and assessments.

Another crucial component of Maple Tree Day School’s curriculum is Music and Movement and Outdoor play. Each classroom has it within their daily schedule to have music and movement time in the Muscle Room and Outdoor play on our Naturally Recycled playground and our grassy play area out front. We also have the ability to go for walks with our big red bye bye buggies.


Maple Tree has a variety of enrichment programs that take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Spanish: Ms. Jessie comes to Maple Tree each week to teach basic Spanish words through a variety of fun, child-centered ways to our Pre-K class.

Stretch-N-Grow: Coach Nikki comes weekly to provide a Children's Fitness Program to our Toddler, Pre-1 and Pre-K Classes.

Music: Ms. Sadie comes to Maple Tree each week to expose the Toddlers, Pre-1 and Pre-K children to a variety of songs, dances, musical patterns and instruments.

Library: Library Amy from the SSP Library visits Maple Tree twice a month to read books, do stories/fingerplays and sing songs. She also brings along books for the children to check out.

Out and About and RACK’d Program: Throughout the year the Maple Tree kiddo’s go “out and about” in the SSP community to share a talent or a gift, help a neighbor, learn a business or spend time with an elderly friend. In addition, during the entire month of December, the Maple Tree kids participate in our very own Random Act of Christmas Kindness “RACK” Program. Each day one of our classes goes out into the community and delivers a gift to a neighboring house or business. We also spread Christmas Cheer by heading to our local Coffee Shop and singing Christmas Carols for the patrons.

Our Curriculum!

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